The devastation brought by Hurricane Harvey has left countless Houstonians displaced from their homes and with flooded vehicles (estimated up to 500,000 flooded vehicles), leaving many Houstonians without access to reliable transportation. More so than ever, staying #HoustonStrong means pitching in and supporting each other wherever we can--even by sharing a ride.

Y’all need a ride? Houston is carpooling, Texas Style. Countless Houstonians will be in need of routine rides to work, school, and more over the coming weeks. This website is a resource to plan ahead and find a good match for those recurring trips.

If you’re a driver willing to SHARE an empty seat with someone nearby or you’re in NEED of a lift from a helping Houstonian, Metropia Houston makes the connection possible in two easy steps:

  1. Click one of the buttons below if you’re in NEED of or can help by SHARING a ride. Provide us with a few details about the carpool you’re hoping to form and we’ll do the rest.

  2. Wait for Metropia Houston to find your trip match. We’ll sort through the thousands of submissions to find a nearby carpooling companion who’s heading towards a similar destination at approximately the same time. Once we find a match, we’ll send you an email with basic information about your trip match.

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